Karl Palencia artisticly known as Myztiko was born in Montreal, Canada in 1983. His dreams and ambitions towards becoming one of the urban music industries top producers was the reason why he got so involved in the music industry.

In 1998, he and a friend formed a local hip hop group called 'Las Plagas.' After practicing & developing his skills for a few years, his passion grew even more which lead him to study in a musical institute. Producing for various artists. In the year 2002 he produced his first compilation titled 'Reggaeton Xtrassy 2020'. This compilation was just a small step to begin working on his project 'Laboratorio Musikal' which he worked for more than 8 months. Seeying the satisfaction of the underground followers & how by working he kept improving to become a better, more complete music producer, Myztiko realized this is what he really wanted to do in life, now he was ready to persue his career.

With short experience & two underground productions, he decided to open his own recording studio. His fans kept supporting even more, he kept dropping remixes from tracks of artist such as: Tego Calderon, Cheka, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Vico C, Eddy Dee, and others. After this, his collaboration in other albums came in. Winning the 1st place in Quebec's Hip Hop Forever contest for the 2nd straight time gave him more credibility towards his talent and his goals. Acheiving this, he was offered a position as a Dj in Dimension Latina 101.5 FM.

In 2004 he worked on a christian Reggaeton album titled "Discipulos del Reggaeton" also "Funky Presenta - Los Vencedores" and in Aguakate's debut album "De Otra Galaxia" which only featured one Reggaeton song produced by Myztiko which also featured Don Chezina. He Also produced various remixes for the CD of In The House Magazine and "D*Crats- Street Alert".

In 2005 he got to work with Machete Music recording artist Noztra on his debut album 'YA AINT READY'. He finally got a deal with international label Piña Records when the executive producer of Pina records Raphy Piña got in contact with Cruzito he also showed interest in his producer Myztiko seeing that he had alot of talent and an amazing chemistry with Cruzito. With this acheivement he got to work in the debut album of Rakim Y Ken-Y, 'Masterpiece' which was declared to be a Gold album by the Billboard Charts.

Myztiko has been sought out by many of the top known reggaeton recording artists and has upcoming music releases featuring production by the talented Puerto Rican producer, Myztiko including 'Gargolas Next Generation', 'Las 9 Plagas', 'Dj Memo 'La Revolucion Badfellas' and many more. This is just the beginning of many projects that Myzstiko will be producing this year



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